From basic English day to day communication
To advanced business and professional functions.

  • English is the primary language of international business and the dominant language in global communications today. The English language is essential in order to attain access to the most influential information available on the internet. A vast amount of business communications around the world take place in the English language and the majority of electronically stored information around the world is also in English. It is the main language of technology, science and medicine. It is essential in the travel industry, engineering, international law and various other fields and professions.

  • The ability to speak English is a tremendous asset in today's international business communications. It is also useful for travel, internet research, science, news, books as well as expanding your personal, global and cultural understanding.

  • Services offered

  • Corporate language and communications solutions.
    Beginner, conversational to advanced business English lessons, private and corporate. Telephone/Video conference or Private lessons for groups and individuals. Custom created lessons tailored for individual levels and needs.

    Preparation for BAC, BTS, TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge, TOEFL, BULATS...

    TRANSLATION offered (French to English / Polish to English) for websites, work contracts, financial documents, project implementations, CVs, motivation letters, books, screenplays, presentations etc,.

    Interpretation and Business negotiations services in English.

  • Customers

  • - The Chamber of Commerce & Industry AUXERRE and SENS, Yonne department - (collaboration)
    - AJ AUXERRE professional soccer club - (collaboration)
    - DIJON Développement
    - AUXERRE Mayor's Office
    - FMC Technologies, Inc., France
    - IBIDEN, France
    - TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries
    - BRIE FGI - BOUTILLON Industrial Equipment Suppliers
    - AUTOMOTIVE Lighting, France
    - VULCANIC, Heating and Cooling solutions
    - SICLI, United Technologies
    - VALEO
    - NICOLAS Industries
    - SpaFormation, Joigny (BTS : post-grad aesthetics)
    - SAMR Métal Rouge
    - DACOR Productions
    - FitNext

    Interpretation services offered for the Mayor of Joigny, France

Improve your English

    • Improve your English with :
      .Custom designed lesson plans
      .Curriculum conducted on a personal level with detail and attention to your specific needs.

    Exercises in

  • 1.Vocabulary
    Build and expand your vocabulary, business and corporate lingo and/or slang.

    2.Proper grammar
    Learn how to apply grammar properly in sentences and phrases.

    3.Cognitive learning
    Listen, read, develop writing skills and participate in choice discussions.

    4.Phonetics /Phonology - Corrective speech training
    Improve your speaking skills, and develop accurate pronunciation.

    5.Telephone training
    Role play in professional conversations in the business and corporate fields.

    6.Learn the use of business, professional and daily communication with confidence.

    7.Develop cultural understanding
    of English (American) daily life in the work force.